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Day 2 Breakfast

December 6, 2012

I woke up today feeling sorry for myself. Laugh it up, but I do not do well being sick. My chest is congested pretty bad, and my cat’s loud meowing made for another 6am wake up call. Instinctively I reached for some apple muffins I had in the cupboard, but I was able to stop myself at the last minute.
This did suggest to me though, that my breakfast today may be some form of junk food, and eggs on the side. And coffee. What better junk food is there than lemon bars? It does take a while to make though, so I may have to snack on some almonds while I wait. I have to tread lightly, because if I had actual self control I wouldn’t be overweight and eating things that I know make me feel gross.  Technically these aren’t presented as a primal food, but they’re GAPS legal which means they won’t make me feel like shit, and from my observations don’t include any food that isn’t primal.
Like any awesome chef (*snort*) I loaded up my post it notes, and off I went. Unless otherwise noted, all ingredients ARE organic.

I did NOT pull out butter ahead of time, since I didn’t know I was going to make this, so I had sort of melted but not all the way melted butter, not room temp. I used a cold stick to grease the pan though, and then lightly coated with my almond flour. Also I had a glass baking dish, not metal, so I had to watch it a little more closely.
In my kitchenaid mixer, I put everything in. I mixed the salt and almond flour a little more first, then added the vanilla and butter as one unit. Turned on the mixer on the lowest setting and mixed it all together. It came together SO easily and quickly, but I did not hand mix it and turn it into a ball. This recipe is going to be fairly hands off thanks to my being sick. I dumped the dough mixture into the pan, and pressed it in with my measuring cup then tossed it in a preheated oven at 350. It should be noted here that I almost never preheat my oven, so this is big. You guys bring out the best in me. *sniff*
So the crust bakes for about 10-15 minutes. I don’t know how long exactly since I just checked on it periodically while I made the filling.

Filling: I washed my mixer bowl since I only have one (hint hint HUSBAND) and got my next post it full of ingredients together. So add the lemon juice (You know, I couldn’t find organic lemon juice. I’m clearly shopping in the wrong store) and the honey, and I started mixing that on low while I melted the butter. We’ve established that I melt butter like a boss! Note, if your butter is hot it might start to cook your eggs in the mixture, so pour it in SLOW. Also I added my eggs to the bowl, and turned up the speed. I love my kitchenaid, seriously if it had the right attachments, we’d be together. However, I have the hardest time when mixing a liquid concoction, finding the right speed. Especially with eggs. It’s either too slow and doesn’t seem to beat the yolk, or I’m spraying shit everywhere. So, I do both. I spray shit for a few seconds, then turn it down one to the slower speed. Splash shield would be cool. (ANOTHER HINT)
Anyway pour in the hot melted butter, mix, pour into my delicious smelling baked brown crust and toss that shit back in the oven.
Wait. Die a little inside smelling this deliciousness in your house. I check on the 15 minute side of the 15-20 cook time. Good enough if you ask me. I let it sit for a few minutes on the counter, then tossed it in the fridge as the instructions on the site suggest. It needs to set before it can be eaten. The top is more like a custard, and so if it’s cut hot it will run everywhere and be no fun. So be patient.

I did not get pictures of the process. The other blog has that, but I’m lucky if I remember to post about it. I do have an after picture though. I’m just so lazy. I’ll edit it in later. This dessert is so good. It’s not like your typical lemon bar, and it took a minute to get used to it. My palate is much more accustomed to “traditional” sweetness, with corn syrups and whatnot. Once you get over the fact that it’s not in your face sweet, it’s such a wonderful and delightful treat. I had mine with a few eggs so I wouldn’t be starving in 10 minutes, and I would feel less guilty. I’m thinking because of my indulgence, lunch may consist of celery and almond butter.

A quick word on these primal desserts. If your goal of eating primal includes weight loss, you need to still practice restraint. Eating primal isn’t a golden key to EAT ALL THE THINGS. As you can see, this dessert is heavy in eggs and butter and nuts, and should be limited, as with all things. You will also want to monitor your fruit intake as well, and of course limit nuts and dairy if you’re wanting to lose. All of these foods are good, and good for you, but in moderation.  I’m working out regularly so right now I’m just trying to not be stupid with it, but still allow myself a treat here and there. If I find I’m not losing, I’ll monitor my intake much more carefully.
I’m totally willing to share my progress with you guys, and all my highs and lows. Do you have a primal dessert as your go-to? Share with me so I can try it!



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